Our No Regrets Policy

REGRET: Don't let it steal your dream kitchen from you.

Because most of us remodel our kitchen only once in a lifetime, we feel that achieving your dream kitchen should never have to be a gamble. It's a pity that far too often we hear stories of regret from those who have recently remodeled in their home... "I should have..", "if only..", "I wish.." have regrettably become everyday statements in our industry.

We would like to protect you from this feeling of remorse, being cheated, and the loss of an irreplaceable opportunity with our "No Regrets" policy. We do it right the first time, ensuring your satisfaction every step of the way, to keep you far removed from that large percentage of homeowners that wish they could do it over... if only they had known!

Our no regrets policy is founded on a tripod that functions with hard work, dedication, and communication. Each leg works equally to support the other so the end result is always flawless performance and service.

We are proud to say, as a reflection of this tripod we are able to be your quality control from start to finish. In order to ensure maximum satisfaction and eliminate the frustration often caused by the poor quality and undependable service associated with pre-manufactured cabinetry and subcontracted work, we at Colorado creative Cabinetry have created a truly incomparable approach to kitchen remodeling. Those other companies simply cannot measure up to our standard. This truth will quickly become apparent in the case of any misunderstanding, mismeasure, or forgotten/damaged piece that will incite a whirlwind of problems with everyone from the salesman to the subcontracted installer to the production company on the east coast excusing themselves from the fault and leaving you with the bill and the mess; we ourselves have no one to blame. We are your total quality control, and while we design, build, and install your cabinetry we make absolutely sure that the three legs of this tripod are in perfect functioning order.

No Regrets
  • From the time we step into your home, you are in the careful hands of our trained designers. All of which have are experts in our building and installation procedures. We will design for you a kitchen uniquely built to our standards and your style that is perfectly beautiful and absolutely functional with no empty promises or let downs in the end.

  • During the time in which your kitchen is in production, our builders construct every piece by hand while maintaining perfect communication with the blueprinter in order to make sure that every cabinet is built exactly to specification and in accord with every unique design including all extras, custom features, and customer approved finishes. All of our builders have also been trained in installation to make certain that even the smallest detail is never overlooked.

  • For the short stay we are privileged to have in your home, we make every minute count to ensure that your kitchen is back in proper working order as soon as possible. For this to be achieved, it is imperative that our installers keep in absolute harmony with the sales and production team. For that, we can guarantee a smooth and efficient turn around with no unexpected surprises or costly mistakes.